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Published: 21st September 2007
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Finding quality links to your website can be very difficult if you don't understand the need to stay away from link exchanging and bought text links.

Reciprocal link exchange and bought text links are quickly losing favor with Google and other search engines will likely follow suite. Google even supports a feature that allow webmasters to report sites that are buying and selling links.

Now your competition has a way to report your site or even the sites that are supporting your site's ranking if they are using bought links.

The potential impact will be that as Google tightens down its ranking algorithms, then sites that are buying and selling links will either face penalties or even the possibility of being banned from the index.

Of course all those webmasters that have bought links from these sites will be affected as this occurs.

Webmasters need to realize that these changes are on the horizon, and now is the time to start moving away from link exchange schemes as well as buying/selling text links.

The web is full of so-called free directories, but in most cases these either require a reciprocal link, or there is no way to sort out the free listings from the paid listings. The problem here of course is that even a free listing may be considered to be a paid listing if the directory itself still sells listings.

How Google will treat such arrangements are not clear, but the webmaster needs to realize that if the directory is penalized or banned then all listings will affected.

Directories that offer totally free listings to quality sites will spring up...the key here is to make sure the directory is not combining free and paid listings under the same URL.

Don't be caught up in link exchange schemes or the buying/selling of links. Direct Link Directory offers free listings to quality sites and does not engage in link exchanging or the buying/selling of links. You get a totally free one way link to your site.

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